THQ Nordic acquires Novalogic.

THQ Nordic acquired Novalogic, the creator of amazing military shooters such as Delta Force and Joint Operations franchises and more. THQ Nordic seems to have interest to re-release or develop new games from the portfolio they acquired.

Today, THQ Nordic announced that an asset purchase agreement with NovaLogic Inc. containing all games and/or projects owned by NovaLogic Inc has been closed. In essence, that means that they’re back at it again with the acquisition of partly forgotten, but classic game IPs and this time is all about first-person military themed game franchises like groundbreaking and genre defining Delta Force, Comanche or Joint Ops.

Novalogic’s games struck a strong chord with the market from the late 80s throughout the 00s, with its strong focus on military simulations like for example with the F-22 series, the Comanche series, and, last but not least, the Delta Force series.

“After 30 years of creating ground breaking Computer and Video Games we are proud to pass the baton to THQ Nordic. As individuals, they are enthusiastic gamers and as a company have shown the agility and acumen needed to propel our industry towards a much-needed reset”, comments John Garcia, owner, founder and CEO of NovaLogic Inc. “We are happy to see the franchises we created in such capable hands.”

“NovaLogic pioneered military simulations and military-themed multiplayer shooters with vehicular combat and also clearly targeted at an adult audience,” said Reinhard Pollice, Business and Product Development Director, THQ Nordic. “We are extremely satisfied with the new additions to our portfolio, and also very thrilled about how to continue some of said franchises, we are open for talks in this regard if any developer approaches us with a concept for a potential sequel to any IP.”

Here is an extract of the acquired franchises and brands:

  • Delta Force Series
  • Comanche Series
  • Joint Operations Series
  • Armored Fist Series
  • Tachyon: The Fringe
  • F-22 – Series
  • F-16 Series
  • NovaLogic Trademark
  • and more…

Horse Riding 2016 Game Review

Yash Future Tech Solutions released a Horse Riding game that they assure to you that it’s one of the most fabulous and entertaining game for everyone. They claim that their game have a uniqueness that makes you play it for hours and you will love it to play it again and again. Let’s see if they accomplish their mission.


Horse Riding 2016 features 11 seasons which are divided into many event types, your main objective is to earn the 1st place.There are a few horses, riders to choose from each with their own abilities. It features a few tracks and modes as well. There is also a Multiplayer Split-Screen Mode as well to play with 4 buddies of yours for fun, the thing is that they won’t be your buddies anymore if they get to play it, I will get into this in a minute.


The gameplay of this game is very poor. The start is basically a Quick Time Event (aka QtE) which tells you to mash the A button in the correct time showed to you in a HUD bar above. After a successful start you have to use 3 buttons. Mash A to gallop, LB to jump and RB to whip your horse. If you whip your horse too much, you will make it very angry and it will drop you in the mud or whatever track you are racing. That’s pretty much it, you should race and be the fastest on track earn the 1st place or in the Free Mode which it asks you to complete the most jumps in the tracks than your opponents.


The technical part of the game is in a very poor state as well. First of all the game highlights an Xbox 360 controller instead of a supposed Xbox One controller in the controller loading screen. The gameplay falls apart, because of frame rate drops while you are playing the game, you can’t play the game with consistent frames.That makes it kind of unplayable and very hard to watch at the screen while you are playing. In addition to this problem is that the controls aren’t responsive mostly in the jump sections. The models of horses, riders and the tracks are graphically in a huge poor state as well including texture pop-ins.


The only positive thing in this game is the Audio Music and the menus are not perfect, but okay. Some tunes in-game might not match with the game, but they are golden tunes.

The bigger problem isn’t just the game, but it’s price tag. Yes, in fact they charge 12,99 Euros/Dollars and 10,39 Pounds. Yes, you did read that right. This game isn’t worth nowhere that price.

The game is a great idea, but it’s very poorly executed. I would love to see a Horse Riding 2017, but with fundamental changes.

I give Horse Riding 2016 a 1/10, just for the tunes it had.

***Reviewer’s note: I have spent almost 3 hours completing the game. The game copy was provided by the developer and publisher for the purpose of the review.

‘Monster Jam: Crush it!’ releases on PS4 & Xbox One today!

GameMill Entertainment and Feld Entertainment® have released the monster truck action and racing game Monster Jam®: Crush It!™ on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One.

Monster Jam: Crush It! captures the heavy metal thrill of hauling massive automotive power and speed with a ton of big-stadium game modes featuring online and local leaderboards. Compete in classic racing and freestyle events, or take on over 96 challenges in survivor, stunt and hill climb race modes.

Huge stunts and destruction are the stars in Monster Jam: Crush It!, exploding with a cinematic feel across a variety of polar, desert, harbor and forest arenas. There are 24 fully licensed and playable vehicles from which to choose, including real-life legends like Grave Digger®, Monster Mutt®, Blue Thunder® and ZombieTM.

Monster Jam: Crush It! is available today on the PlayStation®4 system and Xbox One for $29.99 at select retailers and $19.99 (or your regional equivelant) as a digital download through the PlayStation®Store and Xbox Games Store, respectively.

Xbox Live Games with Gold November 2016

Larry Hryb have announced this November’s Games with Gold for 2016 and that includes Super Dungeon Bros and Murdered: Soul Suspect for Xbox One. Xbox 360 owners and for Xbox One via the Xbox Backwards Compatibility program will get The Secret Of Monkey Island Special Edition and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

Super Dungeon Bros and The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition will be available for download on November 1st until 30th for the Xbox One game and until 15th for the Xbox 360 game.

Then on November 16th Xbox One owners can download Murdered: Soul Suspect until December 15 and Xbox 360 owners can get Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon until November 30th.

There is an official trailer showcasing the Games with Gold for November 2016 here.

Jackbox Party Pack 3 gets a release this week!

Jackbox Games, independent developer of hilarious party games like Drawful, Quiplash and YOU DON’T KNOW JACK®, keeps the tradition of making holiday parties a roaring success with The Jackbox Party Pack 3. Like its predecessors, this newest bundle in the series features five multiplayer games that use phones or tablets as controllers. By visiting and entering a room code, players anywhere in the world can join the fun – and up to 10,000 spectators can participate in the audience, in some instances affecting the outcome of the game.

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 features four totally original titles: Trivia Murder Party challenges up to eight contestants to test their knowledge while being held captive by a hilariously unstable serial killer; Guesspionage is a game of percentages that asks up to eight players to guess the public’s answers to thought-provoking questions; Tee K.O. combines your artistic side with witty wordplay by turning drawings and slogans from up to eight players into hysterical T-shirts; and Fakin’ It tasks up to six players with secret, ridiculous instructions, with the exception of one clueless player who must lie and cheat to avoid being discovered as “The Faker.”

The pack’s fifth title is the exciting return of a party game favorite. Quiplash 2 is a bigger, better version of the original, with more say-anything prompts and a new final round, The Last Lash. And for the first time, Quiplash 2 allows users to write their own custom prompts, making it infinitely replayable.

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 also includes improved audience and streaming features. VIP status within games allows censoring of unruly players or audience members, keeping games troll-free. And for family game nights, mature content can be eliminated in Guesspionage, Fakin’ It and Quiplash 2 with the Family Friendly Filter.

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 is available today as a digital title for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system via the PlayStation®Store (in North America), Windows and Mac via Steam. It will be available on the PlayStation®4 system in Europe on Oct. 19, as well as worldwide on Xbox One through the Xbox Games Store on Oct. 21. All formats are priced at $24.99. This title is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB. The games in the pack are accessible in English only.

Red Dead Redemption 2 got officialy announced.

Rockstar Games have announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 gets a release on PS4 and Xbox One systems in Fall 2017.

The Trailer for the game will be released this Thursday, October 20 on 11 AM ET

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland. The game’s vast and atmospheric world will also provide the foundation for a brand new Online Multiplayer experience.

Reviews that are out and what’s coming next to the website.

I started the website in order to post honest reviews from my own point of view. The support from the developers and publishers is spectacular so far.

I have reviewed Pure Chess: Grandmaster Edition which was my very first review on the site. Next game I had the honor to review is F1 2016. The final and latest review I had was Mantis Burn Racing.

Now let’s get into to what’s coming next to the site. I will have the honor to review DiRT Rally by Codemasters and Speedboat Challenge by WS Net. I will also have some more games to review, but I’m going to keep them under wraps.

Thank you so much for reading this article. I made this in order to keep contact with my audience and let you know what’s up with the site.

Make sure to follow the site on Twitter as well.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the site. Every single of you whether you are a reader or developer or publisher. Thanks for your support.

Mantis Burn Racing in-depth game review.

Voofoo Studios is known for the great hits, Pure Pool, Pure Chess and Pure Hold’em. Voofoo Studios is back with a new game and very different than the previous ones. The developer brings a racer, but with a twist, it’s a top-down racer called ”Mantis Burn Racing”.

The game is fantastic. Let’s see what the game is about, shall we?

Mantis - 2.jpg

The game features easy to navigate menus which highlight the game’s content, Career, Local Race, Online Race, Garage, My Game (features settings, stats and Credits).

Your main objective for ”Mantis Burn Racing” is to simply reach to the finish line before your opponents.

The game’s ”Career Mode” is based on 3 categories Rookie, Pro and Veteran. These categories include seasons which include packed up events. The events are split into types. Your first event type would be ”Race” which is a standard race to the finish line over 3 laps. Another event type which is next is ”Sprint” which is a short race to the finish line over 2 laps. ”Endurance” event type is next which is a long race to the finish line over 5 laps. ”Race Leagues” are next which is a set of races to the finish line, the driver who will have the most points is the winner. A event type called ”Accumulator” will require you to reach 10.000 points for the win, the 1st place earns points quicker than the last place which is the slowest way to earn points. The event ends once 10.000 points are earned by a driver. Another fun event type in the game is ”Knockout”, your objective to this game mode is to be the last driver standing. Each lap the last place vehicle is eliminated from the event until only the winner remains. Next up is ”Overtake” which requires you to overtake a specific amount of cars, the first driver who will complete the overtakes wins. Next one would be ”Time Trial” which requires you to beat your personal and other oponnent lap times to get the win. The final, but not least event type is ”Hot Lap” which requires you to set the fastest lap time in the track, but the time counter and other drivers are your opponents. You will have to keep the fastest lap time until the time counter is up for the win. In order to progress through your career you will need to earn ”Gears”. A specific amount of ”Gears” are earned by completing challenges. Most of these require you to always win the events, but there are some others that will test your driver skills in many ways.

Mantis - 3.jpg

”Mantis Burn Racing” features a variety of cars which are split into 3 different weights ”light”, ”medium”, ”heavy” and 3 classes, ”Rookie”,”Pro”and ”Veteran”. Each vehicle have its own unique strenghts and weaknesses. You can buy new cars and upgrade your own in ”Garage”. You can also paint your vehicles as well. To buy new vehicles you need to use your ”Gears” currency. Vehicles will only become available to buy once you reach a required XP level. Voofoo Studios is nice enough to give your first vehicle for Free, so you can have a good start.

You can upgrade your cars as well, but the upgrades can be earned from the career grid, some may be found in your path, but some others may require you to fill in whole sections by completing all of the events.There are 5 different types that you can upgrade for your car. You have the ability to scrap your purchased and used upgrade parts for ”Gears” currency. To place your upgrades you have a hub for each car called Upgrade Dial which consists of sockets which you can equip your upgrades to your car, but to unlock the levels of the hub, so you can have more sockets, you will have to pay with ”Gears” currency.


There are 8 tracks in total in ”Mantis Burn Racing”. Each track is based on different environments such as a desert town, caves, a marina circuit, streets of New Shangri-La, forests, mines, a refinery and a Plaza. The tracks are very well designed and made, but they aren’t enough of them, each event in Career Mode feels repetitive after a while as each event takes place in the same tracks over and over again.

Mantis - 5.jpg

The game features each week a Weekly Challenge in which everyone can take part, complete the required objective and earch ”Gears”.

”Mantis Burn Racing” comes with an Online Multiplayer mode as well. You can race with other players and friends on the tracks and event types found in the Career Mode. It comes with local play for cough play with your family or friends using a controller for each.

Mantis - 6.jpg

The gameplay is very fun and the handling to the cars is arcadey of course and it’s pretty good. The controls are very easy and responsive. The game comes with ambient-electro soundtrack written especially for the game, some times some tunes are kind of annoying and I end up turning off and on the music in the game.

The game is perfect gameplay-wise, but it ends up repetitive, because of the few tracks which are available. I wish it had more tracks, the game would be perfect if that happened.

I give ”Mantis Burn Racing” a 8/10, because of the limited number of tracks included in the game. Voofoo sudios promised to add more free and paid DLC to the game, so I’m looking forward to that and what projects they will be bringing next.

***Reviewer’s note: I have spent more than 15 hours playing the game. The game copy was provided by the publisher for the purpose of the review.

CoD Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Beta details and trailer.

It’s almost here! Be among the first to experience 3+ new MP maps, powerful new Combat Rigs, all-new Mission Teams, and more in the Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Beta, starting on 14th October for PS4 Infinite Warfare pre-orders.

Suit up in the Warfighter, Merc, and Synaptic Combat Rigs, each with their own unique Payloads and Traits. Field-test a fresh new arsenal of weapons and equipment as you level up. Battle through new and classic Multiplayer game modes. And put your skills to the test in the brand new Mission Teams that rewards you for completing challenges issued by each team’s unique commander.

It all begins on 14th October. The Beta schedule is as follows:

Weekend 1: PS4™ only – 14th Oct at 6PM BST to 17th Oct at 6PM BST
Weekend 2: PS4™ and Xbox One only – 21st Oct at 6PM BST to 24th Oct at 6PM BST

Pre-order Infinite Warfare and get access to the Multiplayer Beta, first on PS4™ on 14th October 2016. More info and trailer here.