DiRT 4 Game Review

Codemasters last year has released DiRT Rally and it certainly amazed us, but it was a very hardcore title which some people didn’t enjoy for that reason. This year, they have released DiRT 4 which improves on the difficulty and it isn’t focused on Rally like the last title. DiRT Rally was something that I haven’t experienced before in terms of gameplay, graphics, and audio, but Codemasters took it to the next level with DiRT 4.

Let’s see how the DiRT franchise has improved with DiRT 4.

DiRT 4 -1.jpg

DiRT 4 features two different handling styles “Gamer” and “Simulation”. “Gamer” handling style is for the player who wants to enjoy the game and doesn’t want to suffer from the chemistry between driving and terrain and “Simulation” is for the players who want to go all in and be hardcore, it feels like the real thing. Codemasters has made the game for everyone thanks to this model which is ideal for the audience.

DiRT 4 features a bunch of modes and it includes so many things for its fans. Let’s start with the DiRT Academy. The mode helps you learn and practice your driving skills. It’s strongly recommended to start the game with this mode.

DiRT 4 - 2.jpg

Next up, the Career mode consists of Rally, Landrush, Rallycross and Historic Rally modes. The main objective on Rally is to make the best time on the track, in order to get the first place, you will be driving modern cars mainly in this mode. You do have your own co-driver (Nicky Grist or Jen Horsey) who will be giving you directions and warnings while you are driving, you really should depend on him/her in order to finish the races if you do otherwise, you will end up possibly in a tree or in a cliff. If you can’t listen your co-driver don’t worry, the directions and the warnings that your co-driver gives you are on your HUD on the upper screen while you are driving. You can choose if you want the directions early, normal or later to be given to you from the menus. In addition, Landrush is making a comeback to the DiRT franchise and it’s a nice short break from Rally, you will be driving buggies and stadium trucks, the main objective of this mode is to earn the first place. You can also have a spotter who is in a watch tower and give you updates on the track and race. Additionally, Rallycross is also making a comeback to the game and you will be driving Rallycross cars, plus cars from the official FIA World Rallycross Championship, the main objective is to get the first place of course, but you should take the Joker lap at least once. Like in Landrush, you do have a spotter who gives you updates for the track and suggestions. Finally, Historic Rally is Rally, but with Historic cars and very different handling of course, so don’t confuse it with Rally, you will drive cars from the 60s, 70s and 80’s and much more in this mode, just like Rally you do have your own co-driver.

DiRT 4 - 3

The service area is back for DiRT 4 and if you damage your car really bad, your engineers can fix it, if you damage the car while you are racing, you can stop the car and make the repairs, but you will get a time penalty. In the service area, you can also tune the car whichever way you want.

While you race and earn money, you can build your own team, you can choose your own team car, your sponsors and choose your team members and you can also upgrade your own facilities. The more races you complete the more money you earn and the more sponsors are willing to partner with you. You can choose your own engineers, PR, co-driver, spotters, contractors, etc. You can also upgrade your facilities for more effective repairs, happy time for your employees and much more. You can be the driver and manager of your own team in DiRT 4 and that rocks!

DiRT 4 - 4

If you finish DiRT 4’s Career mode, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of work for you to do in the game. Next up, is Joyride mode which consists of Smash and Time attack challenges. The main objective on Smash Attack is to smash the required number of blocks under the given time. On Time Attack challenges you will try to complete the required amount of laps under the required time, there are some power-ups which earn you time, but there are some others which make you lose time as well when you pick them up by driving onto them.

The game also features a Multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends or random people online the modes from the Career Mode. Joyride isn’t part of Multiplayer, unfortunately.

DiRT 4 also features a very innovative feature called “Your Stage”. Your Stage allows you to produce a near infinite amount of stages using only a button. You can select any location you want and you can generate as many tracks you want and race in them. You can also share them with your friends and with the community. You can play DiRT 4 to the infinity and beyond and you won’t even get bored!

That’s not all folks, Codemasters has more for you to do in DiRT 4. There are plenty daily, weekly and monthly events for you to take part in. You should get your driving skills sharp and prepare to challenge the community, there are a few tiers which consist of rewards depending on the time you make. If you get to the highest tier you earn a lot of money, but you only get one attempt, if you mess up there is no going back to the event, so practice makes perfect.

DiRT 4 - 5.jpg

DiRT 4 features over 54 licensed cars for you to race, it features R2 cars, F2 kit cars, Group A cars, 4WD cars, FWD cars, Group B cars, RX Super 1600s, RX Supercars, buggies, stadium trucks and much much more. You can buy all the vehicles and add them to your Garage, cars can be purchased from the Dealerships and Classified for a cheaper price. DiRT 4 haven’t beat the record of 63 licensed cars which DiRT 3 still keeps, but, it’s one of the most variable lists of vehicles ever made in the franchise.

The game travels you over the world with 5 locations for Rally modes, 3 tracks for Landrush, 5 tracks for Rallycross and 1 track for DiRT Academy and Joyride challenges. Some locations you will be racing on are Australia, Mexico, USA, Sweden, Spain, Wales, Portugal, France and much more.

DiRT 4 still offers the same relationship between car and terrain, just because the game can be easier (on gamer style), those elements aren’t easily forgotten. The terrain and weather play a big role in your races and you should be very careful as it’s very easy to lose to control of the car (depending what style you are playing). Just like DiRT Rally, you can play every possible weather and terrain, but the physics of the game have been improved. Codemasters has also added the option for manual starts, which means you can hold the handbrake and when you hear GO or you see the red lights go green, you let the handbrake and accelerate, but it can be disabled if players want to. The manual starts are a big deal to the game, as you could start quicker than the automatic one, and the tires can spin depending on the terrain of the track. What I am trying to say is that Codemasters hasn’t forgotten their established elements from DiRT Rally and they have improved and added them on DiRT 4 and players need to keep that in mind. The gameplay of DiRT 4 is pretty satisfying and it’s like you know and love it.

The technical department of the game is just ace! The graphics are so spectacular everything looks so great, the lighting is looking so natural and also the cars are looking wonderfully. The damage model has also been improved and it looks so realistic as ever. The car interiors look superb as well. The audio department is excellent, Codemasters has chosen some eclectic songs to form the game’s soundtrack. The soundtrack is pop, electronic and a bit of rock mostly, it’s a very long tracklist and it feels fresh. The cars sounds are slick, it’s like you are in the car and you own them, it’s a dream coming true, but with the only difference that it’s in the game.

DiRT Rally has impressed me so much, but DiRT 4 has exceeded my expectations. I haven’t thought how could they make this franchise better. The guys took it to the next level. They have actually made a fantastic racing title with the gameplay we all know and love and it’s a game for everyone without compromises, whether you are a player who wants to enjoy the game, or a hardcore fan who wants a hard challenge. The game has a huge variety of things for the player to do, the game won’t get old anytime soon. There are plenty of cars for every car enthusiast out there. In addition, the technical department is impressive and everything in the game looks and sounds great.

DiRT - 6.png

I give DiRT 4 a solid 10/10 because it offers so many options and so much variety to the racing fans and it delivers what it promised to the players and that’s really important. It’s the best DiRT game that has ever been released and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the wizards at Codemasters can do in the next DiRT game.

***Reviewer’s note: The game copy was provided by the developer/publisher for the purpose of the review.










Call of Duty Days of Summer has been announced and here is the list of details you want to know

Activision has announced a summer event for Call of Duty Black Ops III, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered for all platforms.

It’s the first time in the Call of Duty history that an event such as this is happening and it’s one the biggest events ever created for a Call of Duty game. Activision offers players 5 weeks of new weapons, new maps, new customization items and new modes for the Multiplayer mode. The event has already started for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered. The event for Call of Duty Black Ops will start on July 11th.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Infinity Ward this summer will offer the players new loot such as weapons and camos. If you log into the game every Monday you will get a free supply drop and every Wednesday and Friday players will get a free item from the Days of Summer collection.

Call of Duty Infinite Summer 1.jpg

That’s not all though, there is more! Infinity Ward has added new characters playable on Multiplayer from the game’s campaign as well as characters across the Call of Duty franchise. You’ll be able to play the Warfighter Rig as Omar, the Merc as Captain Reyes, Synaptic as ETH.3N, FTL as Salter, Stryker as the legendary Captain Price, and Phantom as Ghost from MW2.

Call of Duty Infinite Summer 2.jpg

And players who jump into the game between today until August 1st can play the Turista map from the Continuum DLC Map Pack for free featuring a beautiful beach which is ideal for Summertime battles.

Call of Duty Infinite Summer 3.jpg

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered is also celebrating Days of Summer and it offers a bunch of new happenings to the players. First of all, the game is now available to the PlayStation 4 consoles and to celebrate the Variety Map Pack which is a remaster of the DLC from the original and it offers 10 Rare Lion Strike supply drops, is on sale right now until July 5th on PlayStation Store.

Raven Software offers to the players new loot such as new weapons and customization items. If you log into the game each week until August 1st you can earn a free Days of Summer supply drop.

Call of Duty MWR Summer 1

They have added more than 40 Days of Summer items to the game like Weapon Kits, Melee Weapons, Emblems, Camos, Reticles, Calling Cards, and Uniforms. Plus, you have another chance to earn Graves as a playable character on the Multiplayer, but you should earn all of the Days of Summer Collections in the game.

In addition, Raven Software has made a remake of the map “Bog”. The map has received a complete makeover to feel like a Summer map. The dumpster fires and night setting have been replaced with a beachside hangout filled with sand castles, colorful seaside graffiti, a surfboard shop, café and more. There are also four different Days of Summer weapon camos for you to unlock on Beach Bog through challenges. However, you should complete the challenges on August 1st or you will miss your chance.

Call of Duty ΜWR Summer 2.jpg

But that’s not all folks! Prop Hunt is making a comeback for Days of Summer in a brand-new beachcomber edition. In addition to all the props you know and love, beach-themed props like beach balls, sand castles, surfboards and more will be added to the mix for your enjoyment.

Prop Hunt Summer.jpg

Call of Duty Black Ops III

Call of Duty Black Ops III will also join to the Days of Summer party on July 11th until August 1st. Players will get a chance to earn a limited Pack-a-Punch camo and will also be able to play all four multiplayer maps from the Awakening DLC for free. If you happen to own the Awakening DLC already, don’t worry, Treyarch will give you Double XP during Days of Summer event.

That’s not all though! Across all three games, players will find special playlists, challenges, and events for your Summer experience.

Grab your sunscreen, get your summer shovels and get ready for the biggest Summer event ever made. Don’t forget the event closes in August 1st.

Xbox Live Games with Gold July 2017

Microsoft has announced the games that will be given to Xbox Live Gold members this month on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Players will be able to download Grow Up from Ubisoft during the month.

On July 16th until August 15th, the Gold members will be able to download Runbow a new title for the platform that it will release that day.

The Xbox 360 users (and Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility) will be able to download Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days from Square Enix in July 1st until July 15th and it will be replaced by LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Videogame on July 16th until July 31st.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered standalone release has been announced

Activision has announced that they are releasing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered standalone on disc and digital forms first on PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, 27th of June, 2017 and other platforms will follow later. The game was previously only available via the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy and Digital Deluxe versions of the game. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will cost $39,99 (prices may vary by each region).

You can watch the trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered below:


In case you missed our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered review you can read it here.

F1 2017 new classic car and box art has been unveiled

Codemasters has unveiled a new addition to the F1 classic car rooster that it will be playable in the game. The 1996 Williams FW18, the most successful car of the 1996 season, winning 12 of the 16 races, with Damon Hill triumphing eight times to Jacques Villeneuve’s four, winning Hill the Drivers’ Championship title, and Williams the Constructors’ Championship. It is joining the previously announced 1992 Williams FW14B, as driven by Nigel Mansell and Riccardo Patrese during the 1992 F1 season.

Claire Williams, Deputy Team Principal, Williams Racing said:

“The FW14B is one of our most iconic cars and one of my personal favourites. With Nigel Mansell behind the wheel, it was a force to be reckoned with and provided one of our greatest eras as a team in Formula One. The FW18 of 1996 is statistically our most successful ever car, winning 12 out of 16 races, six of which were one-two finishes, on our way to securing the Constructors’ title. We are delighted that these cars are being included in this year’s new F1 game for 2017. It is a special year for us as we celebrate our 40th anniversary, so a perfect moment to celebrate two cars that we are so proud of at Williams. We hope that gamers will love driving them as they remember some great moments from the history of our sport.”

These two Williams cars join the already announced 1995 Ferrari 412 T2, 2002 Ferrari F2002, 2004 Ferrari F2004, 2007 Ferrari F2007 and 2010 Red Bull Racing RB6 and the 1988 McLaren MP4/4.

Codemasters has also unveiled on their blog the Official Box Art of the Formula 1 2017 game.

Main Box Art

The main box art with Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso.

F1 2017 mainF1 2017 main XboxF1 2017 main PC

American Box Art

The American box art with Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez, Felipe Massa and Sebastian Vettel.

F1 2017 AmericanF1 2017 American XboxF1 2017 American PC

Netherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg Box Art

It includes Stoffel Vandoorne, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen on the box art.

F1 2017 B-N-L box art PS4F1 2017 B-N-L box art XboxF1 2017 B-N-L box art PC

Australian Box Art

The Australian Box Art features Daniel Ricciardo, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso.

F1 2017 Australian box art PS4F1 2017 Australian box art XboxF1 2017 Australian box art PC

Formula 1 2017 game will be released on August 25th, 2017.







Spheroids Game Review

Spheroids is a platformer game in which, a huge threat to humanity takes place by some aliens and you will try to survive and save the world by killing them. The enemies are scattered across many regions of the world. Spheroids is developed and published by Eclipse Games S.C.

Spheroids - 1.jpg

In Spheroids, players take control of Lucas, a boy who will help a crazy scientist named Otto to save the world from the dangerous aliens, the Spheroids. The game is a platformer which means you will try to kill your enemies and beat the stages.

In the game, you will encounter many different aliens which look pretty beautiful and innocent but don’t get carried away from their looks, they are basically balls which bounce, but each enemy has its own skills. The game also features multiple environments, great locations such as Japan, Russia, Greece and much more. In order to save the world from the bouncy spheroids you need weapons and gadgets – don’t fret – the game have you covered, it features gravity boots which give you the ability to go upside down in a level for a short amount of time, some hooks to kill your bouncy enemies and a grappling hook which you will use at some points in your journey. The arsenal of weapons and gadgets isn’t rich in variety, but it’s effective in action. Spheroids also feature a few power-ups which you can use and you can also upgrade some of your abilities in the stations which are located at the start of each level, using coins as a currency, which are scattered around the levels.

Spheroids - 2.jpg

The technical department is alright for the style of the game and everything is working like it is supposed to play. The audio sound excellent, the music tunes which play when you play the game are superb. The graphics are looking wonderful overall, just a note for the enemies, they look beautiful and their expressions are priceless.

Spheroids - 3.jpg

Spheroids is an exceptional platformer title and players will enjoy it. It feels like a Super Mario game, but very different. However, I would love a few more levels in the final game, it felt a bit short, because of the game’s difficulty. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty great game and I highly recommend it.

I give Spheroids an 8/10 as I have really enjoyed it and I highly recommend it to platformer fans.

Spheroids is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam for 7,99€/$7,99/£6,69. If you want to learn more about Spheroids, you can visit the dedicated website of the game.

***Reviewer’s note: The game copy was provided by the developer/publisher for the purpose of the review.



The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Now Available Worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Bethesda Softworks has released The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind yesterday worldwide, a massive new Chapter for the wildly popular The Elder Scrolls Online for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. The brand new entry for the online RPG introduces more than 30 hours of fresh Elder Scrolls story content a new playable class, the Warden, a new 4v4v4 fast-action PvP mode, Battlegrounds, a new 12-player Trial, and a return to one of the most beloved locales in the Elder Scrolls universe, the iconic island of Vvardenfell from the award-winning RPG, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is the biggest addition to The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) yet and redefines the traditional MMO expansion by delivering vast new content and features that are equally accessible and fun for both existing and new players.

New players can start a character without completing any previous ESO content and head straight into Vvardenfell, with hundreds of hours of original ESO content available to them at any time. ESO dedicated players can upgrade and immediately journey to Morrowind to start the new epic adventure with their existing characters or with a new Warden.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind adds a host of new content for the game’s millions of players, including:

  • A Massive New Zone — Vvardenfell: The largest zone added to The Elder Scrolls Online since launch is also a nostalgic trip through one of the Elder Scrolls most beloved lands. Utilising the same geographic footprint as The Elder Scrolls III, including all key points of interest from the classic game, Vvardenfell is painstakingly reimagined 700 years before the events of TES III, from the docks of Seyda Neen, through the volcanic Ashlands, the dense, mushroom-filled forests, and to the glory of Vivec City – still under construction in this time period.


  • New Class – The Warden: Players will harness nature-based magic to master the powerful new character class – The Warden. The Warden is the first new class since the launch of ESO, and true to ESO and the Elder Scrolls franchise, the player will have the freedom to select from a number of abilities that enable a variety of play styles. The Warden also introduces a devastating new combat ally – the War Bear – a ferocious fighter that will stay by the Warden’s side through the most intense battles.


  • New PvP Mode – Battlegrounds: The Elder Scrolls Online is renowned for open world PvP battles, pitting hundreds of players in a massive battle for supremacy in Cyrodiil. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will introduce a new PvP mode – Battlegrounds – intense 4v4v4 battles in arena-like environments. Players take the battle to the Ashlands to claim their place among the fiercest and most accomplished combat veterans in Tamriel.


The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is now available worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. For more information, or to purchase the game, visit the dedicated site for the game.

DiRT 4 is being Fearless with its Launch Trailer

Codemasters and Koch Media released the launch trailer for DiRT 4, which releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles and Windows PC on Friday 9th June.

Key Features:

  • OVER 50 OF THE MOST BREATH-TAKING OFF-ROAD CARS EVER BUILT – Including Ford Fiesta R5, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI, Subaru WRX STI NR4 and Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2
  • 5 INCREDIBLE RALLY LOCATIONS WITH MILLIONS OF ROUTES – Australia, Spain, Michigan, Sweden & Wales
  • THE OFFICIAL GAME OF THE FIA WORLD RALLYCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP – Race at Montalegre, Lohéac Bretagne, Hell, Holjes & Lydden Hill in a multitude of different series
  • LANDRUSH – Short-course dirt track racing in Pro Buggies, Pro-2 Trucks, Pro-4 Trucks and Crosskart vehicles in California, Nevada, and Mexico
  • JOYRIDE – Laptime challenges, smash challenges, free-play area and send challenges to friends
  • DiRT ACADEMY – Taking place at the DirtFish Rally School in Washington, USA, learn the skills, techniques, and practice to become the best!
  • CAREER MODE – create your driver, compete across the disciplines, gain sponsors and build your team with clear goals and rewards
  • COMPETITIVE GAMING – Daily, weekly and month-long challenges against fellow players from around the world
  • NEXT GENERATION OF RACENET – Live ladder, leagues and tournaments, cross-platform leaderboards, enhanced CREST telemetry system
  • TUNING – Tweak your set-up based on vehicle, track and weather conditions to best suit your racing style
  • DAMAGE & REPAIRS – Wear and tear are faithfully recreated with an improved and realistic damage model. Damage can be repaired by hiring engineers to work in the team’s Service Area between stages, but with a finite amount of time available.

DiRT 4 has plenty of editions to choose from:

DiRT 4 Day One Edition includes:
1)DiRT 4 game
2)Hyundai R5 with entry to an exclusive Hyundai Event
3)Founder Icon

DiRT 4 Special Edition includes:
1)DiRT 4 game
2)Hyundai R5 with entry to an exclusive Hyundai Event
3)Founder Icon
4)Team Booster Pack




I am Bread Game Review

I am Bread is a very popular game which it has been released on PC in April of 2015 and it made its way to the consoles too. I am Bread is a game in which the player can control various types of bread and play a huge variety of game modes with a bunch of different missions in each mode. It is developed and published by the creators of Surgeon Simulator, Bossa Studios.

I am Bread.jpg

In I am Bread you control bread from various types it includes. Players can control whole meals, bagels, baguettes and crackerbreads. You will be able to control all these types of bread in places like a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, a garage, a garden and a petrol station. The main objective of the game is to earn high grades while you complete the assignments in each game mode. The game features a story mode in which players will experience a story of a bread and how it will end up toasted, the main objective is to toast the whole meal, but you will need to avoid obstacles such as the floor and bugs which reduce the edibility, if it reaches to zero, it’s a mission fail, if you fail a couple of times, the magic marmalade will show up which you can use to become invulnerable to any obstacle, but if you use the marmalade, it will be automatically detected in the final score and you will get a decrease. The next game mode is Bagel Race in which the player should hit the plates which are used as checkpoints and race to the finish line trying to do the best time possible using a bagel. Rampage game mode is next and players take the shoes of a baguette and all they have to do is create as much destruction as possible under the pressure of a timer. The list of the game modes continues with Cheese Hunt in which the players will be able to control a crackerbread and the objective is to find all of the hidden cheese scattered across the level. Finally, in I am Bread you can also fly with your bread in space with the Zero Gravity mode in which you should control your whole meal and toast it in zero gravity levels. There is also a Free Roam mode which you can select any type of bread and level you want and roam around and wreck something on your way too. The Xbox One version of the game also includes the exclusive Starch Wars DLC which puts you in a spaceship made of wholemeal bread and the objective is to protect your fleet by flying your spaceship and shoot down enemy spaceships. It is a parody of Star Wars, but with bread pretty much. The game modes are pretty good and the developers did add some great ideas in there, so there is a vast amount of fun content in the game.

I am Bread - 1.jpg

The gameplay of I am Bread is very fun too, you will climb different items, break vases, glasses, ride skateboards, jumping to a sofa and so much more. However, the game’s issues haunt it from being a perfect game. The game’s controls can make the player’s hands tired within 40 minutes of playtime and it can be frustrating at times. The camera sometimes doesn’t want to focus on the bread you control, especially when you take a turn or when you climb up items and you can mess your progress very easily, because of that. The game also suffers from frame-rate drop problems, but it is playable at least. Despite, the technical issues with the game, the graphics, the physics and the audio save the game from being a huge disappointment. The graphics are pretty good for this type of game and the physics, work like they are supposed to. In addition, the music tunes are a match to the game, fits like a glove to a hand.

I am Bread - 2

I give I am Bread a 7/10 as it offers so much content to the players, but its technical issues can make the game pretty frustrating. Nevertheless, it is a fun game to play and you will enjoy it, if only you take breaks. It feels really nice to control different types of bread, each type has its own physics and controls. We haven’t seen a game like it before, but you will knead to play this game (couldn’t resist) and see how it feels to be bread!

I am Bread is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam for 12,99€/$12,99/£10,39. If you want to learn more about I am Bread you can visit the dedicated website of the game.

***Reviewer’s note: The game copy was provided by the developer/publisher for the purpose of the review.