Trulon The Shadow Engine Review

Trulon The Shadow Engine is an RPG turn-based battle game with cards set in a steampunk world. It is developed by Kyy Games and published by Headup Games.


In Trulon players take the role of Gladia, an experienced monster hunter who wants to save the fictional country Tripudia from the illness and monsters. There are three more playable characters joining her adventure.

The gameplay of Trulon is pretty fun and challenging. You will be able to explore Tripudia and talk to its citizens and you may help some of them. You will encounter weird NPC’s like monkeys, monsters, robots, spies and much more, using the card-based system. The battle mechanics of Trulon may remind some players turn-based battle games from the 90’s. In battles, players have a set of assault, defend, spells and two wildcards. Each card features its own attacks, defensive tactics, and abilities, so players should play their cards wisely to beat their enemies.


The technical department of the game is pretty well-made for the game’s scope and what the developers want to deliver to the players. The graphics are beautiful, the world of tripudia features incredible environments which offer great visuals. The NPC’s are looking wonderful as well, their looks are inspired by JRPGs. The audio is pretty good as well, but there isn’t something extraordinary, the music plays in a rotation when you roam around Tripudia and when you start battles the music pace changes. In addition, players can also hear the sound of each attack.

The only negative part of Trulon The Shadow Engine is that some battles are pretty unbalanced and unfair. For example, the enemy AI is unforgivable on what card you choose to play and some battles can also depend on your first two moves. In addition, some enemies can absorb more damage and their attacks can be more stronger than yours which makes some battles pretty unfair. However, these problems can be avoided if players play their cards carefully.

Trulon - 3

I give Trulon: The Shadow Engine an 8/10. It’s a recommendation for players who love slow turn-based card battle games as it offers a huge variety of cards and NPC’s, players won’t put it down if they love the genre.

Trulon The Shadow Engine is now available on PC (via Steam), Xbox One, Apple App Store and Google Play Store for the price of 19,99€/$19,99/£15,99 (prices may vary on each platform). If you want to learn more about Trulon The Shadow Engine you can visit the dedicated website of the game.

***Reviewer’s note: The game copy was provided by the publisher for the purpose of the review.




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