Prey Game Review

Arkane Studios the developers known for the Dishonored series have released another game this year. Prey is a first person adventure survival horror game and it’s something entirely new from the French developer. The game is developed by Arkane Studios and it’s published by Bethesda Softworks.

Prey 1

The game takes place on a space station named Talos I in the year 2032. Players are part of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever. However, the things have gone terribly wrong when the space station is being overrun by hostile aliens named Typhon.

You take the role of Morgan Yu (Male or Female character it’s your choice at the start of the game) and you should survive, travel to your own past and your crew members and unveil the dark secrets of Talos I. In your journey, you will be able to use a variety of weapons, gadgets, and abilities which you can unlock.

Prey offers open-world freedom to the players. You can walk around every room and hall of Talos I. You can also fly outside the space station and explore the space. The game also features many different playstyles and it’s players choice how to play the game. You can use stealth to avoid fire-fights with the enemies or you can kill whoever stand your way. Players can also use both of these styles.

Prey features an exhilarating story campaign and engaging secondary missions which are pretty important to the game because you will discover secrets of the game which you may miss if you focus on the main story. In addition, the game also features multiple ways to end the game’s story so you won’t put the game down for a long time.

Prey 2.jpg

Arkane Studios has managed to make everything look interesting and amazing at the same time in Prey. Every crew member of Talos I whether is dead or alive or transformed to an alien has a story to tell and you will come across them very often. You will be able to collect intel such as key cards which can give you access to locked rooms of Talos I, and you can also find audio recordings which offer valuable information for the place or the characters. Intel and collectibles can be found almost everywhere in the space station such as computers, luggage and offices and much more, so players should explore and be careful.

In order to survive in Talos I, you will be able to upgrade your abilities, such as being able to run faster, the ability to carry heavier objects which can be useful for opening shortcuts and much more abilities. These abilities can be unlocked and upgraded by using Neuromods which are scattered around the space station and you should find them if you want to make things easier.

In Prey, players can also use many different weapons and gadgets to neutralize the enemies, but they are pretty limited and hidden in the space station. The same applies to the ammunition as well. The enemies are many different aliens which have their own abilities. The AI is pretty smart and it’s much harder to eliminate as you progress in the game even in the easier difficulty settings of the game.

Prey 3

The technical department of Prey is astonishing. Arkane Studios have used the CryEngine for the graphics of the game. CryEngine is known for poor performance on games on all platforms, but Arkane Studios made a brilliant work on Prey and it may be the best running game ever created using CryEngine. There may be some long loading screens, especially on consoles.

The audio department is excellent. The audio recordings and dialogue are pretty well-made, the voice acting sounds great and it makes players feel that they are right there in the space station.

Arkane Studios has developed another beautiful game which players can play for a long time. Prey feels fresh and interesting no matter how many times you play as it offers two different playstyles, lots of ways to end the game’s story, a huge variety of secondary missions which are engaging with Prey’s story and much more.

I give Prey a 9/10, I strongly recommend it to players who want in their games many different interesting missions, different ways to play and exploration. This game is made for you.

***Reviewer’s Note: The game code was provided by the publisher for reviewing purposes to XPlayGR.






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