Chess Ultra Available Now on Xbox One X with 4K and HDR Support and a Free DLC has been announced

Ripstone Games has announced today that their chess game, Chess Ultra has received 4K and HDR support on Xbox One X consoles. The update is available right now on Xbox One X consoles.

Ripstone has also announced that they will release a free DLC as a special festive treat for fans this holiday. The free chess set is the theme of the Easter Island in Polynesia. The chess pieces are inspired by the mysterious Moai. You can control the famous monolithic heads as chess pieces on your chess boards. The DLC will release on all platforms for free the week before Christmas time.


Call of Duty: WWII Winter Siege Event will be Available Tomorrow

Sledgehammer Games and Activision have announced a Christmas Event for Call of Duty: WWII offering new weapons, free supply drops, a limited time map, Double-XP, Triple-XP events, and a new mode which will be available on all platforms starting December 8th, 2017 at 10 am Pacific Time through January 2nd, 2018.

Winter Carentan Map Available for a limited time

Winter Carentan.jpg

One of the most beloved maps in the Call of Duty franchise will get a Winter make-over during the event. You will experience the Carentan map set in cold and snowy winter of 1944. The map will be available for all players during the Winter Siege event.

Free Winter-Siege Supply Drops

Captain Butcher.jpg

The new Quartermaster will bring new gear for Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer. If you log in each week during the event you can get yourself a free Winter Siege Supply Drop and check out the new items such as Weapons, Calling Cards, Emotes, Helmets and much more goodies that will be available.

A variant of each new Weapon can be earned in-game via Special Orders from Major Howard in HQ. Players can also obtain a unique version of each weapon as a collection reward, along with Special Uniforms.

The Headquarters will be getting a Christmas Makeover

Players can also check out to the beautiful headquarters which will get a winter makeover just in time for Christmas, players will see snow, and a Christmas Tree with lights. The Headquarters will get back to normal weather after the end of the Winter Siege Event.

Gun Game Mode is coming to Call of Duty: WWII

Gun Game.jpg

The fan-favorite Gun Game Mode is making its debut to Call of Duty: WWII thanks to the Winter Siege Event. This mode cycles through a set of weapons and the players who make the most cycles and kills win.

Gun Game Mode will be available starting on December 15th with a 24/7 Playlist available along with Double-XP.

You can check out a detailed calendar of the events that will be running for the Call of Duty: WWII Winter Siege Event on the Official Call of Duty: WWII website.

Giveaway: Sanctum 2 on Steam for PC

Sanctum 2 is a great hybrid Tower Defense and a First-Person Shooter game developed and published by Coffee Stain Studios.

If you have missed your chance to get it for free last week from Humble Bundle, don’t worry, you can have a chance to win a code for it on Steam from our giveaway.

How to Enter the Sanctum 2 PC Giveaway?:

One lucky winner will be drawn for a digital copy of Sanctum 2 on PC on Friday, December 8th, 2017, at 7 PM GMT.

DiRT 4 Clubs Update is Available Now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Codemasters have announced today that an update is available now for DiRT 4 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC which brings the much-requested feature Clubs and some additions and fixes along the way.

The announcement has been made through the Official DiRT 4 website and, in addition, Codemasters has updated and assured the fans that they are listening to their feedback whether positive or negative and they are looking for ways on how to implement it into the game.

The new update which is made available today brings the Clubs with some changes to the system starting today:

  • The DiRT Rally Leagues have been transferred over to DiRT 4 Clubs
  • Clubs are now Multiplatform
  • Clubs are now compatible with Your Stage mode
  • Points are now scaled depending on the number of people participating

Patch Notes for the today’s update on DiRT 4 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC:

  • Improvements to AI in all disciplines
  • Brutal AI difficulty is no longer tied to Fearless preset
  • Tuning setups can now be used with lower skill rated teams
  • Updated driver support for Thrustmaster devices – this adds support for the T500 (PS4 only)
  • Added new support for Thrustmaster TS-XW
  • Added new support for Thrustmaster Sparco R383
  • Async improvements and updated Sponsors
  • Fixed engine audio not playing in broadcast mode from multiplayer lobby
  • Refinements and numerous bug fixes for Rallycross audio
  • Fixed crash that occurred using Party invites (PS4 only)
  • Prevented Welcome Event deadstate (PC only)
  • Pro Tour vehicles should not start with damage
  • Community Events show time of day when loading
  • Rallycross ghosting no longer gets triggered when completing a lap close to another player
  • Screen Space Reflections added (PC and PS4 Pro only)
  • Improved reflection rendering (PS4 Pro only)
  • Lobby countdown reinstated (PC only)
  • Disabling external cameras no longer forces camera back to head cam
  • Option to reset controls to default added
  • Improved stability

In addition to the above, the following changes from PC version 1.06 are now included in the console versions:

  • Bug fixes and refinements to improve the quality across all written languages.
  • Improved anti-cheat detection for Joyride leaderboards.
  • Fearless difficulty modified so it allows all types of manual gears.
  • Improved system for storing and re-uploading Community Event times when RaceNet is unavailable.
  • Staff contracts now reduce at their expected rate in Pro Tour and Jam Session.
  • Pro Tour scoring is now more consistent.
  • ‘Up and Up’ achievement/trophy will now unlock when you get promoted to any tier in Pro Tour.

Crash Fixes

Improved stability across the game.

General Fixes

  • Fixed car wheels and suspension popping in the Service Area.
  • Fixed Mailbox specific issues.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Community Events results to become invalidated.
  • Fixed an issue with Delta Daily results.


Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator Game Review

Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator is an aerial simulation game which has been originally released on mobile devices, then it made its way for PC a few months ago and now it recently just got released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. It has been developed and published by Rortos Srl.

Blue Angels 5.PNG

Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator is a simulation game which is made in collaboration between the developer and the US Navy which means it includes several official and special maneuvers these special pilots do, that you can try to replicate them controlling the airplanes in the game. You can do special maneuvers such as Parade Pass, Diamond Roll, Delta Flat Pass, Fleur De Lis and much more.

The scope of the game is pretty straightforward, you will have to complete different stages which basically include challenges which are a tutorial of each maneuver that you can attempt with your airplanes and you will collect stars and medals if you complete them successfully.

Each stage includes some modes as well. In Additive mode, players will be able to choose their own start position of their planes and fly them to make fascinating maneuvers and record their own replays which they can watch afterwards. There are also some free roam play modes as well which let players to fly freely without any indications or discover some sightings. Finally, the stages include a mode called Airshow, and as the title suggests the players can choose the maneuvers they want and put them into practice for the Airshow.

Each stage is set on real-life locations such as Naf El Castro, NAS Key West, Baltimore, Reno, Elmendorf AFB and Reno, however, the problem is the locations look pretty lackluster. You can’t see much details from the places at all. The only things that you can see clearly and identify on the ground are the airstrips that are used in the gameplay.

Blue Angels 1.PNG

The gameplay of the game is easy to pick up, but pretty hard to master like it’s supposed to, but some controls may require a re-mapping because they may feel uncomfortable to some players. There are also difficulty options such as Easy and Medium which include guides and some assists to help new players with the flying and finally, the hardcore Simulation mode which let players have complete control of the airplane. Players who will use the simulation mode have to watch the detailed guides of each maneuver and complete them.

A detection system is on place which tells you how accurate your moves are and how precise you are on the challenges. You will get experience points to level up, but even if you level up you can’t unlock anything. The progression system of the game feels unnecessary as you can’t unlock anything else afterwards.

Blue Angels 4.PNG

The airplanes you will take control in Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator are only two, the F/A-18 Fighter Jet and the C-130 Transport aircraft. The aircrafts look great and their visuals are great and the interior cameras are welcome, but there could have been more airplanes for players to control.

Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator visuals disappoint and it’s clear from the very first challenge. However, the airplanes, the interiors, and the sky all look great like they should, but the rest are below the standards of a game with that scope. There are also some frame-rate issues when you use the smoke which in some occasions causes the game to crash (at least for us on Xbox One).

The sounds of the two aircrafts are fine. The game also includes few music tunes such as rock and electric pop and they play on gameplay. Other than that, there isn’t anything else to add to the sounds.

Blue Angels 3.PNG

I really wanted to like Blue Angels Air Fight Simulator, but it’s a pretty disappointing and a lackluster release. You can have a few hours of playtime with the game, but it doesn’t have to offer much. There could have been more challenges, more missions, more locations and more airplanes. It’s pretty fun and enjoyable making those special maneuvers with your AI teammates, but it’s not enough to make it a worthwhile purchase.

Blue Angels 6.PNG

I give Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator a 4/10 as it’s an aerial simulation game which includes poor visuals, a lack of content and a progression system that leads nowhere.

Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam and Android devices for 14,99/ $14,99/ £11,99 (prices may vary per region and platforms). If you want to read more about Blue Angels Aerobatic Simulator, you can visit the game’s dedicated webpage.

***Reviewer’s note: A game copy was provided by the developer/publisher for the purpose of the review.







Outcast – Second Contact Game Review

Outcast – Second Contact is the remastered version of the 1999 legendary Open World RPG game, Outcast. The game has been developed by the developers of the original game, Appeal and it’s been published by Big Ben Interactive.


Before we get into the review, it’s important to understand the story behind the game. Outcast on PC was critically acclaimed back in 1999 and it won over 100 awards. It was one of the first Open World RPG games and it defined the RPG genre as we know it today.

In 2001, the Belgian developer planned to release a sequel to Outcast called Outcast: The Lost Paradise, but it failed to release because the original publisher (Infogrames) went bankrupt and the license got transitioned to Atari. Appeal has managed to acquire the license of the game from Atari and they have re-released the game as Outcast 1.1 on digital distribution platforms like GoG. The re-release on GoG and Steam was a success and Appeal have used those funds to develop the remaster of the Original game on all platforms with the help of Big Ben Interactive.

Outcast – Second Contact is an Open World RPG game in which you play the role of Cutter Slade, a soldier in the U.S. Navy who is sent to an alien planet to recover a damaged probe that’s threatening to destroy the Earth. The planet is called Adelpha and its overflowed with surprises. The inhabitants of Adelpha are called Talan, and they will welcome you and treat you as their Messiah and they will be calling you, Ulukai.

Outcast 1.jpg

Your main objective on Outcast – Second Contact is to find and recover the Mons, devices which are needed to fix the broken probe. In order to do that you will need the help of the Talan who need your help by completing their tasks for them in the world of Adelpha.

Adelpha is the world of the game and it features a variety of different places which are accessible by using the portals called Daokas, which are found in the regions. You can talk with the civilization to gather information regarding the world of Adelpha, its people, its habits, your objectives and more. The game has a reputation system in place as well, which means the inhabitants will like you if you complete their objectives, but they can also hate you as well if you kill some of them.

Outcast’s gameplay is fun, you will walk around the regions, you will complete missions for the civilization, you will complete your own missions, you will hear stories about the world of Adelpha and you will discover its dark secrets and you will kill enemy soldiers and monsters with pistols, machine guns, grenade launchers, dart guns and much more. The remake also introduced some welcome changes such as new types of combat and dodging abilities for our hero.

Outcast 3.jpg

Outcast – Second Contact is a modernized remake of Outcast with beautiful graphics and some changes to combat and abilities, however, there are some negatives which the remake carries from 1999 and haven’t been changed to feel more modernized than ever. Some graphics textures look very rough on the new engine, especially the Talan people look ugly. Another negative in the game is the sound, the enhancements on the sound aren’t noticeable if there are any. The voice acting between the characters feels like it got ported from the original game without any changes.  The final negative is the combat which feels pretty 1999. The enemies act like “bullet sponges” who run away and you can “feel like a god” by using the new dodging mechanism to avoid the enemy fire. Those negatives may haven’t been changed because they are part of the charm of the game, but they could have been enhanced in my opinion.

Appeal made a great job enhancing this cult classic game with beautiful graphics and new mechanics, however, some dated parts of the game haven’t been changed. I’m sure the fans of the original game and the people who don’t bother with dated mechanics that much, will enjoy the remaster of Outcast.

Outcast 4.jpg

I give Outcast – Second Contact an 8/10 as it’s a remaster of an incredible game which defined the era of RPG games with beautiful graphics, but it shipped with some old mechanics. I highly recommend it to people who like Open – World RPG games and want to revisit the past. Outcast is one of the greatest RPG games of the 90’s era and it’s great to see it back.

***Reviewer’s note: A game copy was provided by the publisher for the purpose of the review.




DOOM VFR Now Available for PlayStation VR and HTC VIVE

Id Software and Bethesda Softworks have released today Doom VFR on PlayStation 4 for PlayStation VR headsets and on PC for HTC VIVE headsets. DOOM VFR brings the fast-paced and brutal gameplay of DOOM to an all-new experience in virtual reality.

Players will immerse themselves in the DOOM universe like never before, while seamlessly traversing across the UAC facility on Mars and the depths of Hell, as skills are put to the test through intense combat and challenging puzzle-solving.

DOOM VFR is a new game experience within the universe of DOOM, set shortly after the demonic invasion on the UAC’s Martian research facility. Players assume the role of the last known human survivor who, under a top-secret UAC operational contingency protocol, have had their consciousness transferred to an artificial brain matrix. They will have to restore operational stability to the facility and use any means necessary to stop the onslaught of demons.


Play Elder of Scrolls Online for a Week Starting Today

Zenimax Studios host celebrations in Elder of Scrolls Online for hitting the milestone of 10 million players playing online. The event includes incredible bonuses which can be earned easily. The event also includes a weeklong Free Play Week for PS4, PC, and Mac available now running throgh December 6th.

PC/PS4/MAC Free Play Week

Gamers have seven full days to explore Tamriel for free, to build and grow their characters, run quests and dungeons with friends, and truly create their own story within the largest Elder Scrolls experience to date. The Free Play Week will include:

  • A Massive Open World of Adventure: Access to the full The Elder Scrolls Online base game (not including ESO: Morrowind). Go wherever you want with whoever you want for hundreds of hours in the massive open world
  • 500 Free Crowns: All new accounts receive 500 Crowns to spend in the Crown Store on unique pets, helpful XP scrolls, potions and more
  • Progress Retention: Progress made from previous Free Play events are retained for those who choose to return. Any characters created, Crown Packs purchased, or Crown Store items bought, as well as any progress made during Free Play Week, will carry over for those who decide to purchase the full game

PlayStation 4 players will need an active PlayStation Plus membership and can download the full game on the PlayStation Store. PC and Mac players can download the game and begin playing instantly via the official site or the Steam client.

#10MILLIONSTORIES In-Game Dungeon Event

From 4:00pm CET November 30 to 4:00pm CET December 6, all ESO players are eligible to participate in the special Dungeon event for a chance to win bonus in-game rewards, including consumables and collectible prize packs that include pets, mounts, and costumes. Players simply need to complete a random dungeon via the in-game Dungeon Finder (Normal or Veteran). Doing so will reward them with a Mysterious Reward Box. All characters on all platforms are eligible to participate, including Free Play Week players. There are no country/region restrictions.

Every day a player who completes a random dungeon during the event period, will also earn a bonus entry into the #10MillionStories Sweepstakes. For more information, including details on prizes, contest rules, and eligibility, visit the #10MillionStories official site.

Call of Duty: WWII Latest Patch Brings Important Fixes

Sledgehammer Games has released yesterday a patch for Call of Duty: WWII on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The patch for the PC platform will be coming soon.

The highlight of the patch is that the servers for Headquarters, the new Social Place for Call of Duty: WWII are now online and can be experienced with other players online.

Here are the patch notes for the latest patch of Call of Duty: WWII:


  • XB1 and PS4 crash fixes
  • Server/connectivity improvements
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from entering local play match if booting game without internet connection
  • Fixed an issue of players being kicked to ghost lobby then start screen with “Lost connection to host” message after Public matches
  • Fixed an issue of showing black screen when host leaves match
  • Fixed an issue where players who are not the host see black and screen and no AAR between matches
  • General Leaderboard fixes and improvements
  • Fixed an issue of 2XP not being granted when indicated, sometimes granted 3XP
  • Fixed HQ progression exploits
  • Fixed an issue preventing Scorestreak Training from functioning due to Custom Match settings applied prior
  • Fixed an issue user from backing out into HQ if user accepts an invite to a lobby while in Scorestreak Training
  • Fixed map exploits on Pointe du Hoc, USS Texas, London Docks, and Flak Tower
  • Fixed an issue allowing “snaking” exploits
  • Fixed one-way smoke screen issue
  • Paratroopers in HC modes now have HC health, not normal health
  • Fixed the issue of granting free Flamethrower with partial fuel if another Flamethrower is equipped already
  • Fixed S&D issue where players are stuck when planting the Bomb after tossing a Molotov
  • Fixed an issue when party leader changes game mode, members are taken to a ghost lobby
  • Fixed an issue where when party leader leaves lobby before user loads out of match, users enter a ghost lobby
  • Fixed an issue where if party leader leaves in middle of match without bringing the rest of the party, shows that party leader is still there
  • General party improvements, including crash fixes, connectivity fixes, and access to HQ after a match
  • Fixed firing range issue causing continuous emoting
  • Fixed not allowing players who have Prestiged to accept, complete, or turn in Orders and Contracts
  • Fixed an issue not rewarding completed Mastery Challenges
  • Fixed an issue not tracking Division Skill Challenge progression in War Mode matches
  • Fixed Weekly Order issue not registering Hill Taker win
  • Fixed Daily Order Breathing Fire issue not tracking progress
  • Fixed an issue not properly tracking Panzerschreck Challenge, preventing players from receiving snow camo unlock
  • Fixed Zombies issue preventing players from earning supply drops
  • Various MP and Zombies splitscreen improvements
  • Cinematics resolution fixes on enhanced consoles
  • Fixed an issue pushing update to stats before AAR has been displayed (no more lost/unviewed stats)
  • Fixed an issue showing incorrect leaderboard data
  • Fixed an issue where changing character’s face and equipping Division uniform displays previous character face and kicks player out of the menu
  • Fixed an issue causing Headquarters death, weapon, and division stats to be logged in the Combat Record
  • Various UI improvements (Includes Order/Challenge completion instructions)


  • BAR nerfed to add more recoil
  • Reticle unlock fix for STG-44 reflex sight
  • Custom reticle fixes for scopes of Kar98K and Lee Enfield


  • Primed Basic Training nerf


  • Fixed delayed start of GameBattles matches
  • Increased GameBattles Hardpoint time limit from 5 min to 10 min
  • Other general GameBattles improvements


  • Fixed Campaign issue causing user to lose progression and re-lock missions when selecting New Game in the menu